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4 Steps to Supply Chain Security

Supply Chain Security

At MEP Supply Chain, we want to ensure that manufacturer’s have a competitive advantage in their supply chain optimization for a more secure and successful future.

For so long, supply chains have processed and moved goods from one end to another but while every manufacturing company is doing this, then there isn’t a competitive advantage.

Manufacturers are missing the opportunities to secure their supply chain for the future and reaching their full potential.

Here are four opportunities that will ensure security for your company’s supply chain:

Building a Reliable Supply Chain

In order to build a strong and reliable supply chain, your company will need to start with the basic elements. Ask yourself these questions:

Is the facility manufacturing and warehousing outfitted with proper security system, alarms and personnel?

Do they have proper insurance?

Does the neighborhood have a low crime rate?

 Are your goods driving on the safest streets while en route to a destination?

If you answered no to any of these questions then you may want to reconsider some of these security basics and enhance them for a more reliable supply chain.

Protect Your Cargo

In 2014, the total cost of cargo theft was reported at $23 billion USD globally, according to the FBI reports. This is a big loss in the supply chain industry and it puts warehouse workers and drivers at risk.

Mainly, manufacturers who ship cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, or computer/electronic devices are at a higher risk of being hijacked and robbed. These losses can result in bad publicity, higher insurance rates, and a tarnished reputation.

However, by building a stronger and more secure supply chain as stated above, your company should also work with security consultants and defense teams to ensure your cargo and employees are safe.

Get C-TPAT Certified

Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) is a program that focuses on providing security on the import/export ecosystem. To be C-TPAT certified, will implement your company’s security plan even further and speed up transit times without the stress of delays.

Use Advanced Technology to Your Advantage

As was said in our previous blog, manufacturers should take advantage of supply chain software in order to have a competitive advantage in their industry. While protecting your company with a secure system is necessary, so is securing other sensor data.

One of the biggest opportunities companies should not pass up on is the advancement in sensor-based technologies. Companies such as Pharmaceuticals need to go beyond logistic security and make sure narcotics at the correct temperature and data is being logged in.

Smarter data will ultimately provide more opportunities for enhancing your supply chain and ensure the products are safe from environmental factors.

Key Takeaway

As the manufacturing industry and technology continues to evolve, supply chain optimization must build a foundational security system and take advantage of the opportunities provided.

Ask yourself if the company is following the security practices needed to add value for supply chain optimization.

See our Supply Chain Optimization Strategic Approach for more opportunities in securing a supply chain competitive advantage or Contact Us!

via Manufacturing.Net: Part One: The ‘Must-Dos’ For Start-to-Finish Supply Chain Security

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