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Attracting New Talent and Retaining Supply Chain Employees

Attracting Supply Chain Talent

The MEP SCO team is happy to see the supply chain management profession growing and changing rapidly. However, as technology has also experienced rapid growth, the skill set has changed for young professionals to be qualified to work in manufacturing. According to an Industry Week article, the supply chain management profession needs to work on attracting and retaining potential candidates.

In a recent survey, 67% of manufacturers reported a severe shortage of qualified supply chain workers. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much focus on attracting the new talent’s attention. Survey respondents also expected the shortage to become much worse in the next few years in which 5% of manufacturing jobs out of 600,000 positions are estimated to go unfilled.

As a result, in order to build stronger manufacturers in the U.S. and optimize the supply chain, organizations must take the necessary actions to attract and retain supply chain employees.

Attracting Supply Chain Talent

Raise Awareness of the Industry

One of the main reasons why there is a major talent gap in the industry is the number of college students and young professionals that are unaware of a prosperous career in supply chain. Many college graduates don’t even realize that there is more to manufacturing and it offers some of the highest paying jobs. In order to overcome the shortage of qualified workers, organizations will need to get involved and promote the profession.

Engage Potential Candidates

When writing job descriptions and spreading awareness of career opportunities in the supply chain, organizations must articulate the potential for career advancement. Candidates will be more engaged when there is evidence the career path provides room for growth and consistent improvement.

Make Recruiting a Priority

Even when companies are not searching for new employees, hiring managers should always keep an eye out for new recruits. This should be an ongoing process for organizations looking to attract prospective candidates.

Retaining Supply Chain Talent

Foster a Diverse Work Culture

Companies with employees from various backgrounds can help expand an organization’s knowledge and opportunities and broaden its horizons. When looking at other company retention programs, companies have improved greatly by fostering a diverse and healthy workplace.

Encourage Professional Development

When the companies offered its employees more opportunity to develop professionally, the employee loyalty grew stronger. Organizations should offer even simple opportunities through free webinars, topic-specific training, and professional certifications.

Provide Mentorship

Many entry-level employees and new hires appreciate having mentors in the workplace as opposed to managers. Provided mentorship programs or having that informal support will undoubtedly encourage employees to stay in an organization.

Taking the necessary steps to attract new talent and retain employees in the supply chain industry will foster a more attractive career in manufacturing. It should be known that supply chain management is a growing industry that offers exciting opportunities for those who want to advance in their careers.

For more information about workforce solutions, contact your local MEP center.

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