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CMTC Ebook

CMTC’s MEP Initiative for Supply Chain Optimization

This ebook will provide an overview of the Supply Chain Optimization process and preview some of the concepts and tools that are part of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Supply Chain Optimization Initiative. The Optimization Initiative is based on establishing a comprehensive view of the supply chain and improving the visibility and responsiveness through all tiers supporting the supply chain. It is designed to be scalable, to leverage and coordinate throughput improvements at any level of the supply chain, whether it is supporting a small to mid-sized contract manufacturer or a large multinational OEM, the concepts and tools are applicable.

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 Supply Chain Strategy Change Management Workforce Effectiveness
 Supply Chain Communication Total Cost of Ownership Lean/Six Sigma Enterprise
 Sourcing & Logistics Risk Identification/Mitigation Quality Management Systems
 Collaborative Product Development Supplier Scouting