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The Future of Supply Chain Technology is Here

supply chain technology

We’re moving into the future of technology, forever changing the way we work. Samuel Mueller, CEO and Co-Founder of Scandit, provided his insight on the four technologies that could change the supply chain. Technologies range from those as simple as the App Store to high-tech drones. It is the responsibility of every company in the industry to research the increasing efficiencies of technology.

App Store

Because of App Stores and the increasing capabilities of smartphones/wireless devices, the lives of software developers are made easier. App Stores increase the visibility of great applications through ratings and reviews. This means that developers can spend more time improving the product, rather than trying to build visibility. Through improving the product, their visibility only naturally increases as the software receives more positive App Store ratings. This benefits the consumers as well, because they’ll have a wider selection of high-quality software.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi’s benefits are two-fold: affordable and customizable. These small computers can start as cheap as $5, with costs growing as more features are added. Add features such as WiFi through a USB, a touchscreen, or even a camera module. Your company can pick and choose which features are important for your business, and which are not. Building options are endless, but without breaking the bank. This makes it easier than ever to build a computer perfectly tailored to your business.


Wearables offer the advantage of being hands-free. This increases productivity as hands are left free to do other business tasks. Google Glass, Apple Watch, and Microsoft HoloLens are some of the most popular wearable devices. Devices like the glasses can even offer inventory information in real-time.


Drones can offer great benefits to your business. Enterprise-grade drones are extremely durable and offer high-definition cameras for videos and images, as well as advanced flight controls. These capabilities allow businesses to easily capture data and monitor inventory. Drones can even be used to move small objects, which is why Amazon is working to offer drone delivery in the near future. Software capabilities are also improving for drones, which will allow users to better interpret the data they receive.

Each of the four technologies is extremely forward-thinking, but none are budget-killing. Even drones can be purchased relatively inexpensively. Their greatest benefits include increased efficiency and better data collection and interpretation. They’re not as out-of-reach as they sound and can have a great impact on the future of supply chain.

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