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Now in its 25th year, MEP remains committed to strengthening American manufacturing – accelerating its ongoing transformation into an even more efficient and powerful engine of innovation, driving economic growth and job creation.

Naturally, continuous performance improvement strategies enhance productivity and free up capacity for growth. But, it is Supply Chain Optimization as well as technology acceleration and sustainability strategies that represent subsequent steps toward generating profit, creating jobs and bolstering a long-term competitive advantage.

As determined in the Voice of the Customer study, manufacturers identified 12 key areas of need, related to supply chain. They focus on:

  • Increasing visibility beyond the first tier to better understand risks
  • Aligning corporate objectives to supply chain goals
  • Collaborating between suppliers and partners to foster communication
  • Creating a competitive edge [See our Strategic Approach]


The MEP Supply Chain Optimization program is a set of offerings designed to meet the needs of manufacturers and to help increase their competitive edge. Manufacturers, regardless of size, or degree of supply chain maturity, can benefit from the concepts and strategies deployed in a ‘show and do’ model. [See the ‘SCO for MEP Centers’ overview]


Please contact:
Mark Schmit
MEP National Accounts Manager