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Inspiring the Next Generation of Manufacturers for More than Just a Day

For only one day, every year, thousands of manufacturers, colleges and trade schools gather from all over the country to celebrate Manufacturing Day 2015.

On Friday, October 2, the industry will celebrate its fourth annual Manufacturing Day, inviting young people to see and experience what modern manufacturing looks like today.

Job seekers, students, teachers and parents will get to see advanced technologies in manufacturing, state of the art facilities, and clean, safe, high-tech environments.

The main motive behind celebrating a Manufacturing Day is to entice the next generation of workers to want to follow a lucrative manufacturing career path.



However, there has been criticism that Manufacturing Day is a waste of time.

It’s not the concept of celebrating Manufacturing Day that’s causing concern, rather, the idea that this day is an annual event. The message that manufacturing is a great industry to pursue a career in should be marketed more than once a year, in order for people to understand its importance.

The activities supported by Manufacturing Day and the exposure it has on young people should be repeated regularly and shouldn’t stop after October 2. Nevertheless, the message continues to be reinforced with the latest improvements to the education system.

In our recent blog, we noted the importance of teaching students about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) as well as the arts (STEAM). Reinforcing these subjects in education centers and schools is great approach to a long-term development in the manufacturing industry.

Not only is Manufacturing Day a helpful resource to young people developing a career path, but so are the numerous other educational efforts, such as STEAM. It’s an exciting time for job seekers to discover an advanced career path and for manufacturing companies to discover a new employees.

At MEP Supply Chain, we believe in strengthening American manufacturing and collaborating with manufacturers is one way we provide assistance. Click the link to learn more on Where to Begin.

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