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MEP’s Supply Chain Optimization converts supply chain strategies into tangible supply chain collaboration by utilizing an approach that equips manufacturers with the tools needed to improve. MEP leverages its expertise resolving the challenges experienced by U.S. manufacturers to create stronger supply chains that function at advanced levels.

Please find a downloadable list of individual resources based on the MEP Supply Chain Optimization program. If you’d like a complete marketing kit to arrive via mail, please see our Connect¬†page for more details. We have resources strategically stationed around the country to assist you on this critical journey. Contact the Supply Chain experts at MEP today!

Initiative Overview

This downloadable PDF is a great overview of the benefits to both manufacturers and their communities, of embarking upon a Supply Chain Optimization project.

Manufacturer Engagements

Leadership Overview – This half-day event solidifies a means for assessing the landscape for Supply Chain Optimization participation.

Executive Engagement – This two-day event is intended to help manufacturers to chart the voyage for their Supply Chain Optimization journey. Partners or suppliers are highlighted for the second phase or Partner Engagement session.

Partner Engagement – Partners are pivotal in navigating the course or carrying out the strategy and planning as mapped by the executive team. Partners help manufacturers to meet their overall goals strategically and effectively.

Total Cost of Ownership – The importance of calculating total cost for every activity in the supply stream can not be overlooked. This session helps you to sharpen the focus utilizing a comprehensive tool for determining a true total cost of ownership.

Risk Management – Avoiding the obstacles within the manufacturing environment takes skill and strategy. This engagement provides an opportunity to devise an overall risk mitigation plan to address these concerns.

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