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The MEP path to Supply Chain Optimization begins with a quick, current state assessment of your organization’s supply chain depth and sophistication using the SCO Vitality Quiz. If gaps are identified, or a stronger network desired, we recommend a deeper dive into the MEP supply chain methodology through the SCO Leadership Overview. This session will provide manufacturing leaders with a deeper dive into the benefits and approach our program offers.

After the formal introduction, we can begin to develop a supply chain strategy, or guiding compass for optimization activities.  This stage begins with an 18-question online assessment, which provides a measure for the maturity of an organization’s supply chain.

Following a review of the assessment’s findings, it’s time to dive into the initial strategy development session that includes a detailed network analysis. Here, the MEP SCO team will assist companies in understanding the critical areas controlling the performance of the entire supply chain, including risk management and total cost of ownership, and develop a plan to foster collaboration among its supply chain members.

Get started today by contacting the MEP Supply Chain team. Or jump start your readiness by taking our Supply Chain Vitality Quiz to see how you fare!


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