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Terry Weiner and John Remsey…Pleased to Make your Virtual Acquaintance

Terry Weiner and John Remsey, MEP SCO experts

Welcome to the first in a series as we introduce the MEP SCO experts responsible for deploying the program, nationally. You can see Terry and John in action in northwest Chicago this week!… Read More

Spring, a time for Renewal, Rebirth and Resolving Gaps in your Supply Chain?!

Resolving gaps in supply chain, purple tulips


Yes, that’s right. Join MEP Centers in the Midwest, the North- and Southeast as they help manufacturers develop strategy, mitigate risk and get a truer picture of the total cost of ownership, as part of the MEP Supply Chain Optimization program.


IllinoiRead More

Time for Optimization?

Time for supply chain optimization, man playing whack a mole

When ‘Whack-a-mole’ loses its effectiveness, optimization might be your next logical step.

When manufacturers experience disruptions in the supply chain, whether it is caused by late deliveries, long lead times or poor quality, the tendency may be to loo… Read More

Happy Birthday MEP!

Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) 25th year anniversary

The Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP)  turns 25 this year! In celebration, they’ve  included a series of blog posts on the historical perspective on the Manufacturing Innovation Blog, but what really caught my eye on the amazing infographic that they sh… Read More

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What are your Supply Chain Weaknesses?
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Supply Chain Optimization in the field

"MEP has put together an intelligent program that was well thought out and challenging for supply chain management team. They challenged our supply chain approach and current paradigm – forcing us to take a fresh look at what we do and how we do it. We are using the supply chain strategy tools that they provided as “take-aways” to change how we do things."


-Bruce Broxterman, President, Richards Industries

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