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MEP Supply Chain Optimization: Centers to Watch

MEP Centers to watch, target on puzzle pieces

Be it Center-focused events like the one in Pennsylvania, or pubic events like the sessions in South Carolina or Illinois, Centers are jumping on board, bringing key staff to shadow facilitators and learning how manufacturers benefit from SCO outcomes including visibility, alignment, collaboration and ultimately, competitive edge.


So how do you become a ‘Center to Watch’? Follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Reach-out – Interested Center Directors or leaders are encouraged to reach out to Mark Schmit, MEP National Accounts Manager ( to discuss the program at a broad level.
  2. Learn more – Centers with interest and capacity to deploy SCO, schedule a ‘SCO for Centers’ webinar or in-person event where Center staff is invited to learn more from the SCO team, including methodology and examples of successes thus far. There is Q & A and a significant discussion component.
  3. Get marketing help – Centers will have access to marketing personnel, collateral material and strategies for identifying manufacturers that would benefit from strategy sessions as well as one-off engagements. The SCO team works with your marketing folks to promote SCO events to clients.
  4. Invite clients – Centers schedule public events facilitated by SCO experts (with significant Center participation) and invite key manufacturers to attend. Center staff benefit from the ‘show and do’ model with the intent to deliver offerings independently, further expanding supply chain optimization. Manufacturers with interest at the strategy level, have access to exclusive interaction with SCO team members.


Ready to take the first step? Contact Mark Schmit at 301-975-3255 for more information, or contact a fellow Center who is hosting an event, and see what the buzz is about.

Want to learn more about supply chain from our experts, check our blog or connect with us at LinkedIn by searching ‘MEP Supply Chain Optimization’ and request to join.

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"MEP has put together an intelligent program that was well thought out and challenging for supply chain management team. They challenged our supply chain approach and current paradigm – forcing us to take a fresh look at what we do and how we do it. We are using the supply chain strategy tools that they provided as “take-aways” to change how we do things."


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